Chapter 448: What Did You Eat Growing Up?Su Li took out her phone and played a piece of music before placing it on the ground. Softly, the gentle and beautiful music was heard coming out the phone like tranquil flowing mountain water. It was melodious, delicate and wonderful as it resonated in this

He was finally able to leave Half Moon Village for a while for the meeting with Mammon and Ruth but he never thought that his combat teacher would make such an arrangement."You know, I thought that we would be going to Finest Taste for such meetings as per tradition," he said. "What happened?"Ruth d

Through Ji Cang, Nie Tian learned many secrets that weren’t known to others.The battle outside continued.Every second of every minute, new mangled bodies and discarnate souls fell into the bottomless tunnel, where they were reduced to blood mists that disappeared into the dark depths. Gradually, peo

As nefarious qi continued to condense these fiend figures, Feng Chu’s strength rose to another level. When these fiends reached a thousand in number, Feng Chu’s momentum doubled!One thousand fiends formed behind Feng Chu and built a huge Chaos Fiend Grand Formation. When this Chaos Fiend Grand Forma

The woman who took me to the bathroom smiled and carefully stripped me out of the uncomfortable clothes.    “Call me Lea, little miss.”   “Yes.”   “From now on, we will have fun playing in warm water. Are you looking forward to it?” &nbs

Chapter 946: Covenant And Quest With The Remnant Will of The WorldTranslator: La0o9Led by the gathered glow of the star, Gu Qing Shan was constantly heading downwards into the humongous vortex.He was approaching the vortex closer and closer, but he wasn’t slowing down.The broken vortex was directly

Chapter 952: [Chaos]After answering, the boy’s expression returned to normal.He didn’t have a clue what he just said.But he noticed the changed expressions of everyone around him.The boy became tense and abruptly looked towards the void of space——– as if there was actually something there.This was s

As the rooster’s comb stood up, it started emanating an unknown sense of pressure.What’s going on?For some reason, the boy felt a chill run down its back.The rooster looked at the boy and spoke with a hoodlum tone of voice.“Haahh? You sure like to talk big, don’t cha? This brat probably hasn’t even

When the boy shouted out loud, Gu Qing Shan only said one thing“Continue”Shannu understood.Another arc of blue lightning emerged from her body and went into the boy’s body.Lightning Thaumaturgy, [Dreamjolt]!The boy’s body started shaking nonstop.The thing he prepared as he shouted also vanished.Gu Q

Chapter 956: Living BeingsTranslator: La0o9Gu Qing Shan’s gaze was focused on the void of space in front of himself, silently watching the 6 UIs in his vision.One War God, five [Chaos].The 6 UIs were sitting side by side in front of him, flickering like neon lights.“I’ve already said the answer out

Gu Qing Shan stood in the air, silently waiting.One minute.After only one minute, he would turn into the Envoy of the [Plague Chaos]The War God UI’s voice came: [Aren’t you being a bit reckless like this?]“Why do you say that?” Gu Qing Shan asked.[Even if I can help release you from Chaos by expendi

There was a gigantic tower that reached all the way to the sky in this corpse of a parallel world.The Grand Tower of the Wizards.It recorded the entirety of this world’s known knowledge.Including humanity’s own progression over time.Gu Qing Shan hovered outside the Grand Tower, releasing his spirit

Chapter 957: Evolution of [Chaos]Translator: La0o9The boy’s head slowly slumped down.Gu Qing Shan paused briefly.“War God UI, you said that you can’t tell me the secret, but what about now that I’ve actually done it?” he asked.While Gu Qing Shan was talking, the 5 [Chaos] UIs disappeared from in fro

Chapter 960: Under PursuitThe 900 million World Layers.The Fallen Zones.Every world had fallen to ruin.An Abyssal Behemoth was climbing upwards through these worlds.Its body was gigantic, from the perspective of these worlds, all they could see was a giant foot that heavily stepped onto them before

I was revived?The boy silently thought.All of a sudden, he realized that he was missing something.The countless whispers by his ears had disappeared.The transparent screen that displayed his qualifications as one who would sow the seed of [Chaos] had vanished.The boy gritted his teeth: “You…. You st

Chapter 962: Broken ArmThe bald old man explained: [Unlike the solo dance, a group dance requires its own spirit and charm. That’s why you must prepare yourself in regards to both stamina and mentality][When the chance arrives, I will trigger the power of the 2nd stage of the Dance—– this power will

Chapter 961: BlindSu Xue Er went silent for a while.“You’re right”“How ridiculous, a Card user like myself was actually being manipulated by a Card”Su Xue Er whispered.Seeing her regaining her fighting spirit, Anna replied with a more satisfied tone: “You can use any kind of Card to fight, but it’s

Chaper 88: WheezeCillin took out a stack of dark gold-colored things from his backpack and began writing on it. The gray cat lay on the side and watched, its tail swaying leisurely from side to side. It knew GAL’s common language, and the word ‘Bill’ was clearly written on

Chapter 448: What Did You Eat Growing Up?   Su Li took out her phone and played a piece of music before placing it on the ground. Softly, the gentle and beautiful music was heard coming out the phone like tranquil flowing mountain water. It was melodious, delicate and wonderful as it resonate

Chapter 152: Three Years Time of Man and Things [Part 2]GAL Research Institute was the highest academic institution in terms of science and engineering in GAL, and it was the integrated research and development center of the latest and most high-end technologies in the enti

Chapter 153: The Triphibian Flying Car Racing Competition of Acallela [Part 2]The native population of Planet Acallela were few in numbers, and compared to other planets of the same bulk, their population size was pitifully small. Many of the people who came to race here we

Chapter 154: The Young Man Who Chases The Wind [Part 2] Mrs. Ventz did not have other jobs. All she did was take care of her renters, wash clothes etc, and make some handicraft to sell for some small change. After all, in a world ruled by high technology, handicrafts were j

Chapter 155: Flaring Spectator’s GrandstandThe triphibian flying car competition uses a point scoring system. First, there was a knock out competition. Within a set number of competitions, racers must accumulate enough score points to rank among the top ten before they coul

Chapter 156: The Wolf King of ‘Dance Night’ [Part 2]The group of three followed Udoze to an unremarkable house at a different city district falling under the outskirts of the city center. Most of the buildings in the city center were built from alloy, but this house was bui

Chapter 157: The Two Scourges: Dance Night ‘Wolf King’ VS Cyborg Cat [Part 2]Cillin suddenly frowned. The brilliant performance by the one man and the one cat on the tall, round platform was slowly but surely forming a hypnotic effect. He turned around and saw that Tang Qiu

Chapter 158: The Fourth Young Master, Shi Huajing [Part 2]Rikulab wasn’t surprised that the gray cat would know about this, it was something that could be found out with a thorough investigation. Plus, there were plenty of people of the upper class who knew that he had rela

Chapter 159: A Familiar Face at Sector K [Part 2]Sector K, also named the Sector of Kings by Hunters, was the treasured land of the Hunter circle in GAL. It was the gathering spot of the four great Hunter regiments, and it was also the only Sector in GAL where Hunter regime

<Goddess Vysis POV>       [———-I’ve been waiting for this, Heroic Sword.]   The long-awaited news from the magical war pigeon arrived in the hands of the Goddess of Alion. For a long time, Vysis had the Heroic Sword search the area she had her

Chapter 160: Interaction [Part 2]“Haha, I guess I did underestimate you. No wonder you can become an official member at such a young age. Well done!” the brawny man smiled and lost the disdain he had before after snapping out of his daze. Then, he continued to walk towards

Chapter 161: Sector S, Joint Mission With Lung [Part 2]Vanguard’s base was on a planet called Planet K-J100. One only needed to look at its code to know its importance, and as Vanguard’s base the planet was also called Planet Vanguard.In reality, the entire J-District of Se

Chapter 162: Ready to Go [Part 2]After getting out of the A Squad’s domain, Cillin and Shawton took a spaceplane and departed towards the Sixth B Squadron’s domain. The gray cat laid lazily on top of Cillin’s shoulder and moved its tail from time to time. It had not interru

Chapter 163: Aurelio’s Cage [Part 2]“White Night?” Cillin frowned. In Genesis Mythos, one of the ‘Aurelios’ represented courage, while White Night could turn darkness into light.“White Night is one of the five Aurelios. In Genesis Mythos, it is said that to give light to th

Chapter 164: Blood Colored ‘Hell’ [Part 2]Cillin frowned as he looked at Pillar lying on the ground.Speaking of the one subordinate Pillar left behind on the spaceplane, he was one unlucky fellow. Like a mouse, he was toyed with by the gray cat until he was half dead. Lung

Chapter 165: The Final Protectors [Part 2]They hadn’t walked for long before they discovered a stream. It was probably formed by the snow high above the mountains that had melted into water. There were some animal bones beside the stream, and they looked like they had been

Chapter 166: Little Fellow [Part 2]It was normal that there were some beasts in the surroundings. As long as the beasts hadn’t attacked them, they would not purposely hunt them down. A large majority of these beasts were modified creatures whose primitive genes had been alt

Chapter 167: The Out Of Place Convict [Part 1]They might not have found the correct passcode, they did get a rough direction from the results of their decryption up to this point.Blue Butterfly.This was the first time Cillin had clear contact with something related to the B

Chapter 168: ‘Little Flying Snake’ Qi Geyou [Part 2]They dragged the floating escape pod into the starship then walked towards it. The escape pod was hit before, and its power system experienced a little malfunction. It had probably relied on its backup system to ultimately

Chapter 169: Counter Attack [Part 2]“These are all our numbers. The rest are either bogged down by other stuff or are afraid to come.”“Those cowardly bastards, I’ll kick them to death sooner or later!”“Let’s talk about this later. Has the meeting begun?” the one who asked t

Chapter 170: Change in Prison [Part 2]This time, ‘Flying Snake’s’ men were split into several group for the operation. Cillin and Lung were secretly arranged by Qi Geyou on a spaceplane that was headed towards the grade one prison.From outside space, the majority of the gra

Chapter 171: Another Weirdo [Part 2] The bucket of bloody accusation* fell on her head, drenching her messily in utter and complete defeat. Little Stache felt that her expression was kinda falling apart.*an original metaphor from the author, probably improvised from ‘a buck